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Arttyco was born in 2017 fueled by our passion for contemporary art and our aspiration to contribute actively to the worldwide push for increased art appreciation.

We firmly believe in the profound impact and significance of art—it evokes profound emotions, conveys influential messages that can alter our perspectives, and transports us on a voyage beyond our own selves.

Throughout the years, we've collaborated with over 500 artists from around the globe, showcasing their work, latest creations, shows, and exhibitions. We've honored esteemed artists who inspire us deeply. By collaborating with galleries, we have showcased their artists at international fairs.

Democratizing ART is the heart of our mission.


Arttyco serves as a vital tool for artists, galleries, collectors, curators, museums, and art enthusiasts alike, facilitating discovery and fostering art culture advancement. By sharing engaging and imaginative content daily, Arttyco ensures a continuous stream of inspiration and exploration making art accessible and engaging for everyone through our Instagram account, which connects with a broad audience to bridge this gap.


Our mission is simple: share the amazing work of artists who inspire us with everyone creating special limited editions of unique pieces and top-quality editions.

We hope this community becomes a bunch of art enthusiasts and collectors, cherishing unique works by up-and-coming artists.

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