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ARCO Madrid 2023: A Multifaceted Showcase of Artistic Diversity

From February 22nd to 26th, ARCO's annual gathering once again transformed Madrid into a global hub for the promotion and diffusion of artistic creation. This year witnessed a robust participation of 211 galleries representing 36 countries, displaying a rich variety of paintings, sculptures, and photography.

Although video, installations, and new media were in limited representation, the event remained an unparalleled celebration of artistic expression.

At the heart of this edition was the Mediterranean theme, embodied in "Mediterráneo: un mar redondo," featuring 19 galleries from 12 countries. A display that defied convention in terms of both continent and content. Alongside this centerpiece, the General Program showcased 170 galleries, including 71 from Spain, housed within IFEMA's pavilions 7 and 9. Additionally, the "Nunca lo mismo. Arte Latinoamericano" section, with 11 galleries, strengthened the bond between ARCO and Latin American art. Notably, the classic program of international buyers and special guests brought around 400 collectors and 200 professionals from approximately 40 countries to Madrid.

A Glimpse into the Best of ARCO 2023

Once again, the German galleries dominated the spotlight, primarily those hailing from Berlin, totaling 28 in participation—second only to Spain. Berlin reaffirmed its position as the global capital of contemporary art not just in selection but also in the quality and substance of its proposals.

Thomas Schulte (Berlin) graced ARCO with works by Marina Adams, Richard Deacon, Rebecca Horn, Alfredo Jaar, Robert Mapplethorpe, Michael Müller, Iris Schomaker, and Jonas Weichsel. Helga de Alvear (Madrid) showcased creations by José Pedro Croft, Ángela de la Cruz, Gerardo Delgado, Prudencio Irazabal, and the controversial Santiago Sierra. David Zwirner (London/Paris) landed in Madrid with stellar artists like Lucas Arruda, Marcel Dzama, Juan Muñoz, and Óscar Murillo. Casado Santapau's (Madrid) catalog encompassed talents such as Alexandre Arrechea, Eva Berendes, Matthias Bitzer, Patrick Hamilton, Enrique Celaya, José Vera Matos, and Claudia Wieser.

Elba Benítez (Madrid) featured artists like Ignasi Aballí, Alejandro Cesarco, Fernanda Fragateiro, Cristina Iglesias, Joachim Koester, Francisco Ruiz de Infante, and Natalia Załuska. Krinzinger (Vienna) made a strong presence with Marina Abramovic and Monica Bonvicini, joined by Brigitte Kowanz, Jonathan Meese, Eva Schlegel, Erik Schmidt, and Thomas Zipp. Perrotin (Paris) showcased Cristina Banban and Jean-Michel Othoniel, while Capitain Petzel (Berlin) presented works by Pieter Schoolwerth, Andrea Bowers, Joe Bradley, Isabella Ducrot, and Stefanie Heinze. Marlborough (Madrid) highlighted artists such as Laura Anderson Barbata, Gustavo Pérez Monzón, Soledad Sevilla, and the legacy of Martín Chirino.


Esther Schipper (Berlin) exhibited Ugo Rondinone, Gabriel Kuri, Roman Ondak, and Philippe Parreno. Fernández Braso (Madrid) offered pieces by Arturo Berned, José Manuel Broto, Rosa Brun, Carmen Calvo, Félix de la Concha, Manuel H. Mompó, and Guillermo Martin Bermejo. Rüdiger Schöttle (Munich) featured the acclaimed German photographer from the Düsseldorf Academy, Thomas Ruff, also showcased in MAI 36 GALERIE.

Sabrina Amrani (Madrid) presented works by:mentalKLINIK, Carlos Aires, Manal AlDowayan, Gabriela Bettini, Timo Nasseri, and Jorge Tacla. Alexander Levy (Berlin) arrived at IFEMA with Gereon Krebber, Vicky Uslé, and Sinta Werner. Lelong (Paris) surprised attendees with David Hockney, Samuel Levi Jones, Ana Mendieta, Jaume Plensa, Antoni Tàpies, and Fabienne Verdier. Nordenhake's (Berlin, Mexico City, Stockholm) artist portfolio for ARCO 2023 included Iñaki Bonillas, Sarah Crowner, Elena Damiani, and Lap See-Lam. Elvira González (Madrid) showcased Elena Asins, Miquel Barceló, Larry Bell, Eduardo Chillida, Olafur Eliasson, Dan Flavin, Chema Madoz, and Pae White. Lastly, Juana de Aizpuru (Madrid) featured artists like Miguel Campano Estate, Montserrat Soto, Wolfgang Tillmans, Elo Vega, and Cristina García Rodero.

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